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Exclwell Vegetarian Food Industry Sdn Bhd is a company that supplies vegetarian food products.
Our premise is based in Simpang Renggam, Johor. The company has continually maintained a high degree of honesty
and integrity, which is appreciated by those associated with us. Together with the increase in vegetarians these years, our business has continued growing.
鴻緣素食品工業有限公司是一家供應素食品的公司。本公司坐落在柔佛州的新邦令金。由於本公司一直以來都秉持著“誠信”的服務態度, 深獲各界的愛戴,
加上近年來素食人口的增加,業務持續增長,廠房已不敷使用。有鑑於此,公司決定斥資購買土地 面積約十五萬平方呎以建造新廠方使用,


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